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Ghetto Gaggers
Arbury is back for nothing more than to collect another paycheck. Honestly, the only thing I remember about her first visit is that she had the most ridiculous ghetto braid weave. At least this time around she looked half way decent. She’s thin and pretty but heavily tatted. This time around, she works with Pauly Harker and David Loso. Both men stepped up and made her return uncomfortable. The slaps were hard, the cocks were big, the throat was small… do the math. There were a few times that her inner hood started to rear it’s ugly face, but it was quickly put in check. We don’t deal with bitchy attitudes… we correct them.
Ghetto Gaggers

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Ghetto Gaggers
Arbury is hood. She came in wearing that double dutch style jump rope hair that I absolutely hate and think is ridiculous. She’s a nice and lean hood booger, though. She’s currently climbing the whore ranks. She started off as a street walking prostitute, upgraded to escort and now wanna-be porn star. She obviously won’t go far because she’s just too hood for porn, covered in tattoos and has a shitty unfriendly attitude. Don’t worry, we adjusted that… like we always do.
Ghetto Gaggers

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